What is Unconditional Love? And Why in the World Would Anyone Love Houston, TX?


I think we’re all set up to fail when we grow up in a world of great expectations.  We are supposed to be perfect in the eyes of others, and so we forget to love our flaws–my head is too big, I’m too skinny, I’m having a bad hair day today.

Learning to love ourselves unconditionally is the first step towards true love. 

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Are you feeling unloved? Do you need to feel loved? 3 things you can do to feel in love again!


Have you had the experience of loving someone who doesn’t love you back?

Have you asked yourself, “why, even though I love someone so much it hurts, I am unable to secure their love?”

I have, and to ask these questions has given me a lesson in basic grammar.  It has made me realize that love is not a noun to be possessed, but a verb—i.e. the act of loving.

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Warning: 5 reasons why love may be detrimental to your identity

Image by http://dryicons.com Lyrics by Lenny Kravitz

Image by http://dryicons.com
Lyrics by Lenny Kravitz

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How fear is keeping you from having the life you love

I started reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s “May Cause Miracles” about a month ago and that’s about all I can say on the subject.  The truth is that I’ve been keeping busy with other small projects and have neglected reading her book even though I have it at the convenience of my fingertips right inside my phone.

Gabrielle writes that a miracle is nothing but “a shift in perspective from fear to love.”  And so, prompted by my willingness to experience more miracles in my life I decided to take a hard look at myself.  Lo and behold, little did I know I was about to realize I’ve lived my life in fear most of my life.

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Change your story, change your life


One upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a young girl named Vera.  With her fair skin, large blue eyes, and golden locks falling on her shoulders, Vera was a very special girl.  Unfortunately, Vera grew up watching everybody from a safe distance so as to not get ‘too close’.  And so it was that she grew sad and lonely.  Such was her loneliness that her heart eventually turned into stone. 

Princes who offered true love’s kiss, sorcerers who offered magic spells, and witches magic all failed in bringing Vera back to life.  None could save Vera from her own self-imposed spell.  One day, a wise dog came to her side and sat next to her.  He sat and he sat and Vera wondered why this wise dog would just sit with her. 

“Why are you here?” she asked timidly.

The wise dog looked up at her with eyes overflowing in love.  He burped, and then he spoke to her with silent words: “I’m here to help your heart become human again.”

“How is that even possible?  I’ve tried everything,” she said letting out a large sob.

“You see, that is the thing.  You have not tried everything.  You have forgotten how to love yourself, and I am here to remind you about love.”

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What is Personal Mythology?

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell

Every once in a while I will write about this guy I used to be totally head over heels for.  He’s one of those people who, after much Facebook-stalking, many years later you come to ask yourself “what the hell was I thinking?  Why did I even like him?”  The truth of the matter is that the fact remains that I experienced the most incredibly ridiculous, intense, blissful, and most wonderful feelings when it came to this person.

Need a visual?  You know those romantic movie scenes when time seems to stop altogether and the two main characters are just staring at each other in a room full of people?  THAT, my friend, is what it felt like.  And for the last seven years I have been desperately searching for that feeling much like a junkie goes through dope withdrawals.

I got to thinking about what I experienced in light of meaning-making and my current relationship status–single.

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How to Have a Meaningful Life

Gregoire de Kalbernatten

Gregoire de Kalbernatten

It is truly a tragedy what happened today in Boston.  I feel like it stopped us all dead on our tracks as we went about our busy, daily, mundane routine.  Tragedies like these are a double-edged sword after all, for they remind us that life is precious.

Last week I wrote about death anxiety and how death does not have to be this morbid “event,” but rather a call to action towards living a fuller, more meaningful life.  But, how exactly does one go about having a more meaningful life?

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