How to Have a Meaningful Life

Gregoire de Kalbernatten

Gregoire de Kalbernatten

It is truly a tragedy what happened today in Boston.  I feel like it stopped us all dead on our tracks as we went about our busy, daily, mundane routine.  Tragedies like these are a double-edged sword after all, for they remind us that life is precious.

Last week I wrote about death anxiety and how death does not have to be this morbid “event,” but rather a call to action towards living a fuller, more meaningful life.  But, how exactly does one go about having a more meaningful life?

The thing about “meaning” is that it is not something that the outside world can provide us.  Maybe it is because we have been conditioned to think that the material world can give meaning to our life (i.e. driving a Lexus makes you an important person, the job you have makes you a powerful person, etc.) that tragedies like these occur.  We are conditioned to consume, consume, and consume a little more in the name of capitalism but are left spiritually empty.

When you have a more meaningful life, tragedies like the one we all were part of this morning, bring a new depth to our experience that we lacked before.  Our lives are transformed as we transcend our material world in search for a deeper sense of satisfaction.

So if meaning is not to be found in the outside world, where do I find it?

The truth is that meaning is one of the inherent faculties of the mind, and without mind there is no meaning.

“Men are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them” Epictetus

We make sense of our world through meaning.  The problem is that sometimes our meaning-making muscle is on auto-pilot and therefore tainted by past experience.  Every minute you have the choice to give meaning to the world around you.  So take a minute to look at what you value most and decide whether you will work out your newly found meaning-making muscle, or simply continue to live an empty life.

YOU HAVE THE CHOICE.  What will you consciously chose?

I challenge you to take responsibility of your meaning-making faculties and give your life the meaning you deserve.

What is your story?  Why do you want to have a more meaningful life? Please comment below, I would love to read what you have to say about how to have a meaningful life.

Stay tuned next week for more on having a meaningful life…


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