What is Unconditional Love? And Why in the World Would Anyone Love Houston, TX?

I think we’re all set up to fail when we grow up in a world of great expectations.  We are supposed to be perfect in the eyes of others, and so we forget to love our flaws–my head is too big, I’m too skinny, I’m having a bad hair day today. Learning to love ourselves […]

Are you feeling unloved? Do you need to feel loved? 3 things you can do to feel in love again!

Have you had the experience of loving someone who doesn’t love you back? Have you asked yourself, “why, even though I love someone so much it hurts, I am unable to secure their love?” I have, and to ask these questions has given me a lesson in basic grammar.  It has made me realize that […]

Warning: 5 reasons why love may be detrimental to your identity

It has been a while.  Between moving to a new apartment, transitioning to a new server (yes, Numinosity is moving!), and going back to the drawing board, I am finally ready to get back into my writing. From now on, Numinosity posts will post to victoriamelchor.com, my personal blog and website.  The site is still […]